After months of negotiations, our team was allowed to promote educational opportunities to children in the Muslim military camps of the Philippines. We persisted, even though we were told, “kids around here prefer guns over pens.” As a result, 40 boys put down their weapons and joined our scholarship program! Your generosity helped cover each boy’s tuition and provided them with shoes and school supplies.

We saw their faces, hardened by violence, begin to transform while distributing their new uniforms, shoes and supplies. Hope grew in the heart of each teacher as these young men chose to pursue a new dream of education and peace, and lay down a life of conflict. 

Due to corruption and poverty, the families of these young men cannot afford school tuition. Our program has been designed to equip and empower them for life outside the army. An education leads to the hope of provision for their families and a chance to become advocates of peace, not violence.


Eight of our boys are in the top ten of their class!