Ali and Dallah's Journey Part 2

To attend school, Ali and Dallah both had to sacrifice a great deal. Ali and Dallah had to move away from their family and friends to be close to school, into an area with a diverse cultural makeup. These new changes presented significant obstacles for Ali and Dallah. 

Ali and Dallah's Journey Part 1

There is a great need in the remote areas of the Philippines for child education. The sheer distance makes it impossible for most children to attend school, so parents are forced to rely upon teaching what is necessary for survival—weapons training.

3 Things That Inspired Our Start

Project AK-47's foundation stems from deep generational roots in Southeast Asia, the growing awareness of child soldiering and being compelled to do anything it takes to stop child trafficking.

Where We Are & Where We're Headed.

There are many successes to celebrate from 2017, such as the 24 children dropped off on the doorstep of our children’s center in Myanmar by a rebel commander! We're also absolutely thrilled about the 50 Muslim children hand-picked to receive a scholarship instead of being trained for war in Mindanao

Christmas in the Philippines

If you love Christmas, you should visit us in the Philippines!  The yuletide season marked by the start of the fall months is a joyous celebration that focuses on food, family, and fun. Anywhere with electricity, Christmas songs drift out over the radio and television.  Christmas songs can be heard around the clock: riding in public transportation, shopping in markets or passing by homes.