Saved by Soccer: Our Vision

Nobody expects international service work to be easy, but in 1988, the idea of launching a charitable outreach in a tiny town at the very southern part of Coahuila was particularly challenging. 

Surrounded by Drugs and Darkness: Gerardo's Story of Hope

There truly aren't words strong enough to describe the darkness Gerardo experienced growing up the son of a drug cartel's hitman. 

A Family Saved by Soccer

In Mexico, the term mamá luchona roughly translates to "scrappy mom," usually referring in a derogatory fashion to a young single mom who has to act as both mother and father to her kids. In recent years, children of single moms have reclaimed the term, telling everyone about their incredible moms who worked twice as hard to provide for their family. 

Adolfo's Story: 'I wasn't alone any more'

Growing up in a small town in Central Mexico, Adolfo was no stranger to the two biggest problems plaguing his hometown: poverty and drugs. 

Saved by Soccer: Our Impact

In 1988, our Program Director, Stephen, was working as a recording engineer in Nayarit when he heard about a job opening in a tiny town just southwest of Monterrey. "There was a community center that had been worn down to nothing, and somebody needed to come build it back up and hand it back to the community," Stephen said.