It’s been an amazing year at Project: AK-47!


So many precious lives have been changed, and none of this would have been possible without your help.  Since this is 2011’s last blog, I thought it would be great to recap a few of the stories that we, as a community, have helped turn from tragedies into triumphs.


This year, you have heard the story of Sarai, sold by her parents into the sex-trade for a mere $10, then rescued and raised in a safe, loving home. (Sarai’s story)  We have seen 10 beautiful girls, once destined to be soldiers, register for nursing school.(Their story) And how can we forget the transformation of Edgardo, a former teenage assassin out for revenge for the murders of his aunts and mother. He was rescued and is now in the early stages of a second rescue project for kids in armed conflict. (Edgardo’s story in Project: AK-47 Magazine)


There are still hundreds of thousands of children waiting to be rescued, waiting for someone to care enough to come to their aid, waiting to have their stories rewritten. Ok Hong, whose father gave her up to the militia, is waiting for people like us to tell her story, to inspire change in the communities around us and in the world at large. (Ok Hong's Story)


We are caught between the celebration of so many lives rescued and so many lives desperate for rescue.  We are the collective voice of those in safe hands and those in the hands of danger. As 2012 approaches, let’s celebrate on behalf of those given new lives, and fuel our hearts with hope for those in need of our compassion.


Let’s tell their stories.



The pictures below are a story of hope representing children that have been sold or are at high risk of be trafficked and abused, but are now in our care.  The buildings have also been used over the past decade to develop young leaders who have gone to live in some of the most difficult places in the Golden Triangle Region. These young leaders rescue and care for children in armed conflict and run schools that keep them from training as soldiers.