1. Tiana, a Mexican child assassin, escapes!

(Actual picture not shown for security concerns)


It took us over 4 years of building relationship with leaders in SE Asia to rescue our first child from a life of violence. In Mexico, the opportunities and the relationships needed to rescue are falling in to place in an expedited fashion.

A year and half ago, we heard about Tiana & girls like her forced to train as assassins and taught to pose as prostitutes for major cartel or political leaders in their region. It was also made known to us that rescuing girls in Tiana's situation is impossible. However, only a year and a half later, we were able to see the first of many of these girls pulled from their enclave and engaged in a rehabilitation process!


2. 10 Former Child Soldiers Enroll in Medical School!



Our dream is to empower our kids – the ones previously designated for a life of violence – to become the future leaders of their societies. Part of this vision includes training them in a professional trade during their time with us and connecting them with an outlet when they transition on.

We’ve recently enrolled 10 of our girls in nursing school in Southeast Asia. We are thrilled to see them excelling in their dreams and becoming a productive part of their society! READ MORE...


3. Advocates from Down Under!

Over the past 4-5 years we have met countless Aussies who are passionate about engaging with us and child justice at large. Marcus and his wife are currently in OZ, Australia building advocacy programs with our community there.

One piece of which is that many within the Australian business community are exploring ways to help us establish viable business avenues in order to sustain rescue and peace in our current projects. We've connected with a lot of great mates like Pablo and Rusty's Coffee that are doing a bang up job of fighting injustice around the globe and it's great to be a part of the team down under!