The prerequisite for changing the life of a trafficked child is not that you travel across the world or throw mounds of money at the problem.  It's simply that you care.  You can be broke and stuck within the 4 walls of your own home and still make the difference between a child being a kid or a killer. Here's how...








Update your Facebook status with the latest stats on child soldiers or a link to our website. Retweet @projectak47 on your twitter feed. Write a blog to tell your friends about the epidemic of children being used for war and armed conflict. For information and updates on the issue, follow our BLOG, become a fan of Project: AK-47 on FACEBOOK or a friend on TWITTER...


Here's some recent buzz online:

“I am going to make Jan 2011 Official Child Soldier Month by wearing a Project: AK-47 shirt every day. Even with my suit & tie.”

-Jeremiah Fellows in Denver, CO (@JWFellows)

“Just purchased Child's Dog Tags from the Project: AK-47 website. This child's story Will Be Told & they Will Be Remembered. They Are A Somebody!! It's a very humbling experience to see/touch/wear them for 1st time. Help rescue child soldiers!

- @enigmafalls

“Just ordering some good stuff from Project: Ak-47! I'm using Christmas to help fight child trafficking and child soldiers!”

-Aaron Schnobrich in California (@aaschnobrich)

“Got my Project:AK-47 dog tags today. Both exciting & sobering 2 think the tags I'm holding = a real child doomed to be a child soldier.” :(

-Eowyn from Iran (@Eowyn9)




Project: AK-47 has made dog tags, each one labeled with the name, age and location of an active duty child soldier in Southeast Asia or Mexico. By wearing a set of tags around your neck, you’re representing and advocating this otherwise nameless and faceless child to the world. Currently, over 6,000 people have partnered and are wearing their story.  Join the protest.


Check out the "Wear Their Story" Campaign or PURCHASE TAGS NOW!






Yes, we’ve all heard “For the price of two cups of coffee, you can…”[fill in the blank]. Well, we’re jumping on that bandwagon because it’s true. We can, in fact, help care for a rescued child soldier for the price we’d pay for a couple lattes. Skip a few shots of caffeine and give just $7/month to care for the basic needs of a rescued child soldier.




Use your platform and creativity to give child soldiers a face in the world. Currently at Project: AK-47, we have a community of a couple dozen advocates executing numerous campaigns or projects to create awareness and raise funds for our rescue and aftercare endeavors. If you have a platform, join our community and start dreaming with us of the end of child soldiering in our modern world.


Here are a few recent campaigns our advocates have created:


College students film a PSA documentary of American Children's reactions to the reality of Child Soldiering...

Corporate Booking Agency launches the "Give a Rescued Child Soldier a Holiday to Celebrate" Campaign...

Six Bands unite to form the "Project: AK-47 Tour."

4 West Coast Women start monthly garage sales to raise funds for child soldier rescue...


Rally your friends, church group or community to buy an ammo box with 150 child soldiers dog tags in it. Each person in your group sells a couple tags to their friends & family and 2/3 of the proceeds go to help rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers! LEARN MORE