Philippines Muslim Rebels

 This weeks blog is a letter from one of the children we work with in the Philippines. We thought it would make a great blog. Cader is just one example of the type of children that we are working with around the world.




Name: Cader

Gender: Male

Age: 15 Years Status: Demobilized but at risk

Country: Philippines


If I had not known about your education program, I would not have had the chance to continue my studies. I’m so happy! My life has many hardships, my father works hard with our small business and so I was made to go on duty in our local army for the family. But now that I get to go to school, I don’t have to go on duty anymore unless a larger war comes and everybody is called to fight. Life is really difficult here, especially when we are at war. When we go to fight we always fear that our bodies will be lying dead in the jungle instead of safe at home. Thank you so much for your help, though you haven't met us, you still help children like us.