If you haven’t seen the rockumentary “Call+Response,” you are doing yourself an injustice.  I remember attending the private screening for local anti-slavery organizations in Nashville in 2008 and hearing Justin Dillon’s impassioned call for a new movement of abolitionists before the film rolled.  I thought to myself, “Bring it.”  I was in the mood for something with substance, not shock value or hype.  Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.


C+R exposes the sobering reality that slavery in most of the world is far from being abolished as a vice of the past…it is alive and well today, 27 million slaves strong.  But the film doesn’t stop there.  The undercover footage, enlightening interviews and sickly creative, live musical performances all point to one reality: yes, the problem is enormous, but so is the response that is mobilizing to take it down.  In Justin’s own words, he never intended for the film to be a stand-alone: his vision was to generate a response that would far outlive the film.  And that is exactly what C+R is accomplishing.


Justin and the C+R team have been hitting the pavement and working late nights to get the word out, and it is paying off.  The next generation of abolitionists are, in fact, responding to the call and taking action to put an end to labor exploitation, sexual slavery and child soldiering.


Project: AK-47 was honored to partner with C+R as a responding organization through which people could actively seek justice for child soldiers.  In a very short amount of time, abolitionists gave $7,500 through C+R for our aftercare project in Burma, 100% of which arrived in our mailbox this week!  We are extremely grateful, both to C+R and those who gave, as this means food security and sustainability for the child soldiers we’ve rescued in Burma!


C+R has recently released their DVD kits in order to keep the grassroots momentum going, since the work is far from done.  We normally don’t make product endorsements, but these kits are a powerful tool to raise up other abolitionists in this fight.  By hosting a screening in your home, school or church, you can multiply your impact.  We highly recommend getting yours.


Click here to get your DVD kit and get started!