Last year, Christmas for Kyi was no different than any other day: wake up early on a cold mud arduous labor on the military grounds for a bowl of rice in the afternoon and then train and do drills till dark.  Last year, Kyi was a child soldier in Southeast Asia; now he is in the care of one of our homes and will wake up on Christmas morning to find a new blanket, a new set of warm winter clothes and a feast for him and his friends!


Kyi's story is only one example out of the hundreds of kids we care for in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Remember and celebrate these children this Christmas by giving your friends and family a Project: AK-47 shirt and a set of child soldier dog tags. With our holiday special, you can get both for only $25! All profits go to our rescue and advocacy efforts for kids like Kyi.  This is your chance to give a gift that reaches beyond the material needs of your loved ones, touches their hearts and makes a difference in the world of a child soldier.


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