It's Christmas time again!


The pre-Christmas craze is in full swing with long lines at the check-out counters, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway, and visions of peppermint mocha's dancing in our heads.  Things can get a bit hectic leading up to the BIG day. In the middle of our frantic, holiday busyness, sometimes it's hard to remember that, no matter what religious belief or celebration tradition each individual has, this is a time of year to stop and celebrate life with family and friends.  But just as importantly, and especially for those who might not have families, it is a time for helping where help is needed.  Whether you celebrate with a tree, manger, menorah, or a just a big meal, this time of year is filled with a spirit of joy and kindness. So in that spirit, I hope this week's blog helps to remind you that no matter what your beliefs or circumstances are, you can have a Happy Holiday!



Listen as our founder, Marcus Young, gives us an inside peek at what Christmas looks like for former child soldiers at various Project: AK-47 orphanages around the world.


...and have a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!