We're proud to announce that we've recently launched our brand new website, store, and blog! With new child soldier rescue projects being pioneered both in our recent past and near future, we now have the capacity to adequately endorse and support them online. Take some time to explore!



Project: AK-47 is a team of people who are always ready to invade the next hopeless situation for children in armed conflict. Our staff members on the ground are nationals who are committed to rescuing and restoring the lives of children who otherwise would only know lives of violence and exploitation. We also do a fair share of raising awareness and advocacy for these children, but we don't stop there. We can't stop there. And we hope that you won't either.



Project: AK-47 is engaged in a multitude of projects in both hemispheres. We work hard to bring you as much up-to-date information about our efforts freeing child soldiers as possible, as well as what you can do to help.




There are several ways you can become a part of the rescue...




Shopping has never done so much good...
We are happy to welcome you to our brand new store! We've decided to take socially responsible clothing up a notch. Not only are all of our products sweatshop-free, but 100% of the profits from everything you purchase goes to our rescue projects for child soldiers and children in armed conflict.




Never underestimate the power of art. There are few things that can stir passion, convey beauty, incite outrage and lead the troops onward the way art does. In Plato's Republic, the philosopher feared the arts' ability to shape thought and sway the affections of society, and rightly so. The artists in our Alliance do not take this responsibility lightly. They are a formidable team of talented musicians and other artists who use their art and platform to speak out on behalf of children in armed conflict.


Thanks for staying connected guys!