We love it when someone in the Project: AK-47 community goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others.  So when the opportunity arises to tell you about their amazing acts, you better believe we are going to put them up on a pedestal and shine a big, bright light to spotlight their heroic deeds. Over the next few weeks, you can expect to meet some everyday people, like all of us, who are doing extraordinary things around the globe. Some of those things may seem unimaginably hard, and some of them may seem very simple. But every one of them has a lasting, profound effect on someone else’s life.


And what could be more awesome than that?


This is a letter we received from a friend of ours named Zac. He's 6-years-old and is already making a big difference in his little world. His actions provided food every day, for almost 2 years, to another child who otherwise would have gone hungry.  Zac's gift was equivalent to giving a child one years worth of education. Zac is a phenomenal little boy who is changing the world beyond the borders of his country. It's people like him that should inspire action in all of us.


Way to go, Zac!