Colour of London and Project Ak-47


The musical collaboration “Colour of London” is made up of one Jimmie Allen and one Nate Woodall. These boys are not your typical duo, as they pull out all the stops in an effort to make music that promotes “love, equality, and truth.” This is not a trite saying to these guys, but rather a very evident truth, which is prominently displayed in such songs as “Carolyn” and “Shine Out.”

Jimmie, who after losing a bet, found himself a contestant on the 2010 American Idol, admits he thought his journey would lead more towards sports. However, a torn ACL quickly trumped that dream, and in its place, the world gained a musician. Jimmie states that he realized the world of music was something he would not take no for an answer on, and it is with that mentality that he and band mate, Nate, take on the joys and trials of creating, recording, and performing their music.

Nate Woodall, a former teacher, now lead guitarist for Colour of London, began his music-making days playing the sax as a sixth grader. He attributes his instrumental shift to the exposure he had watching his dad play music with friends; it was at the age of sixteen that Nate followed suit. It is obvious that all those years of practice have clearly paid off for Nate as we see him exhibit some serious skill with Colour of London.

Also included among Jimmie and Nate’s passions, is their incredible platform and voice as a band to raise awareness and support for the cause of Project AK-47. Jimmie tells us that his desire to promote the cause comes from watching family members become involved with gangs, leading to a dangerous and poor quality of life. He says the difference he sees in the lives of those who have avoided or managed to get out of that lifestyle, versus those who have not, is dramatic. Drawing on these experiences, the band makes an effort to make music that inspires and motivates.

Carolyn by Colour of London