Keeping Children Out of Combat with Education

Pioneering new projects in hard-to-reach places is at the heart of what we do. We are continually exploring new approaches to keeping children out of combat, and one of the most effective methods we’ve found is education.

Elisa’s Story: Seeds of Change

As she looked out over the beautiful green trees and expansive soccer fields surrounding her, Elisa couldn't help but laugh. She grew up on this very property, but it hasn't always been the thriving ministry it is today. Back then, "it looked nothing like what it looks like now. We didn't even have doors!" she recalled.

Seeking Peace: An Update from Mindanao

Out here, military and police checkpoints seem as common as fruit-stands. Outside every school is a green sign with bold white letters stating simply: “This school is a ZONE OF PEACE. Let us protect it from conflict.” Security is tight and it needs to be.

A Window into Statelessness Through a Futbol Player

Some of you, especially World Cup fans, may have watched the global news with bated breath as 12 trapped soccer players were rescued from flooded, twisted cave passages in Thailand. This crisis hit close to home, as some of the affected children were from communities very similar to those we serve. My family has visited this cave, and our team has served communities in this area for decades.

Omar’s Story: View from the Top

When Omar hears the stories of the children he works with in the Saved by Soccer program, he is truly amazed at how far some of them have come. "In comparison, I had a beautiful childhood. Thank goodness, I didn't have such complicated situations as some of these kids," he said. Still, his passion for soccer and professional success allows him to connect with the participants in a meaningful way.