Start by creating an account and a personalized fundraising page in less than 5 minutes! It's a powerful way to engage your community of friends and online followers to join you in supporting PROJECT AK-47. 

It also comes with fun perks!


FOR YOU: Signed postcard from a child at the new school. 
 FOR THE KIDS: School supplies for 10 kids.

RAISE $150

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Story Bracelet. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Books for 10 kids.

RAISE $250

FOR YOU: Set of Dog Tags. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Chalkboards for 1 classroom.

RAISE $500

FOR YOU: New PROJECT AK-47 t-shirt. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Housing for 1 teacher.

RAISE $1,000

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Hammered Brass Ring. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Desks for 1 classroom. 

RAISE $1,500

FOR YOU: Your name engraved on a plaque to be hung in the school. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Floors or walls for 1 school.

RAISE $2,000

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Brass Bracelet and your name engraved on a plaque. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Roof for 1 school.

RAISE $2,500

FOR YOU: Limited edition Schools Save t-shirt and your name engraved on a plaque. 
 FOR THE KIDS: 1 year’s salary for a teacher.