On 8.4 acres, just outside the heart of Malaybalay City, Philippines, our pilot farm project is thriving! Our team, in partnership with the former gangsters of the Malaybalay Youth Transformation Movement and local tribal farmers, have been working very hard preparing the land, planting, harvesting and bringing crops to market. The main vegetable, pechay, exceeded our expectations and grew beautifully!

The tribal communities, living predominantly in the remote countryside, rely solely on farming for their means of survival. But long running civil conflicts, government neglect and corrupt middleman systems have left communities broken and people desperate. Poverty and hunger are rampant, and there is little opportunity for work or sustainable income. A strong, rebel army presence puts children at high risk of recruitment and creates an even more volatile environment. 

By providing practical, alternative solutions, like The Red Farm, we can empower communities and provide opportunities for children to reach beyond the bleak reality of their current circumstances. The farm is now a source of hope and a constant reminder of the change and freedom that is possible.