Working with children in conflict zones is no easy task and not for the faint of heart. Deep emotional wounds, hungry bellies, and scars from physical abuse, absent parents, constant violence, and no hope erode life from the heart of a child. This leaves them feeling broken, desperate, and adrift. A state that easily becomes comes their daily reality.

Even in the broken places, they are not lost. By recognizing the damaging forces at work in a child’s life, we have designed our projects to provide holistic care and restoration for the Whole Child. We provide food, shelter, medical care, security, adult role models, counseling, playtime, classroom learning, clothing, future opportunities, routines and nurturing to help restore what they have been missing. Once these vital elements are in place, a child can begin to feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and relationally whole again.

When we look into the eyes of our own children, we dream of them living lives full of passion and confidence. Our hope is no different for the children we serve in our projects. Though their circumstances may look different, they each posses incredible potential and, with the right support, can bring extraordinary change to their tribes, villages, regions and countries. Your gift ensures the broken pieces of a child’s heart are restored.

Will you consider giving generously and helping more children experience wholeness this holiday season?