Kacie King-Brad

The Project: AK-47 staff recently welcomed 10 amazing musicians, singer/songwriters, and other artists to our U.S. headquarters in the woods of Tennessee for some homemade Asian food, burgers (weird combo, I know) and abolition training. Artists such as Mikky Ekko, Anthony Skinner, Micah Tawlks, Joseph Lemay were among the ranks, as the Project: AK-47 team told stories from the field and shared our vision for the future of our projects in Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Mexico. I took a few minutes to share how extraordinary it is to have talented artists speaking on behalf of child soldiers who otherwise have no voice in the world and no one to tell their story.

It was a fantastic night, and hopefully the first of many to come. The Project: AK-47 Artist Alliance is stacked with modern day advocates making great music. Look them up. Buy their music. And support their cause.


Anthony Skinner: www.anthonyskinner.com
Pauly Kaszubski: www.myspace.com/thewhitestoneprophecy
Micah Tawlks: www.myspace.com/micahtawlks
Joseph Lemay: www.myspace.com/josephlemay
Wrench in the Works: www.myspace.com/wrenchintheworks
Sharif Iman: www.myspace.com/sharifiman
Jake Smith: www.jakesmithmusic.com/
Neely: www.neelymusic.com/
Aaron Crider: www.aaroncrider.com/
Emmett Spooner: www.myspace.com/emmetttwice
Landry Meeks: www.myspace.com/wordsinwindows
Mikky Ekko: www.myspace.com/mikkyekko
Twilight Fading: www.myspace.com/twilightfading
Garrett Miller: www.myspace.com/garrettmillermusic
Kacie King (no website--see her cool Brad Pitt drawing below)

What do you do? What do you love? These artists are using their profession as a microphone for abolition and advocacy for child soldiers. No matter the avenue, we all can find a creative way to do the same!




TJ Rogers
Artists Alliance Manager