With the help of donors like you, and our incredible partners, our team has facilitated the shipment and distribution of 1.5 million meals to survivors in the Philippines! Through many generous donations, any remaining space in the containers was filled with medical supplies, generators, clothes and basic necessities. 

There are many children who have lost their parents and have no one to protect them, so there is a great need for a center for children at risk in the Tacloban - Palo - Tanawan area. There are so many areas filled with children at risk, and so many hungry people without a roof over their head, that we need many teams and a continual flow of finances to meet the overwhelming needs. 

The main industries of Leyte and Samar are coconut products, rice, and fishing, but tragically most of the coconut trees have been destroyed, as have the rice fields, and most of the fishing boats. Most of the crops and fruit trees were also destroyed, so there is little food for Leyte and Samar, and the condition will last a long time. It takes 7 years for new coconut trees to grow to fruition, so the great needs of Leyte and Samar will continue for years to come. 

Haiyan left devastation in its wake like a WWII war zone.  Children are left parentless, and parents with little shelter, food or work, leave children unattended for long hours.  In these conditions, children are at high risk of trafficking.  The NPA operates in the region and will become frustrated with slow government response.  That will create another surge of propaganda to convince children to join the rebel group ranks in the coming year.  

We not only focus on rescuing children but also on tackling the root issues that impact a region's instability and put children in danger zones to begin with.  There are hundreds of schools that need to be rebuilt after Typhoon Haiyan.  Schools keep children safe and we have access to conflict zones throughout the Philippines in partnership with Philippines military and other armed splinter groups.