We are an eclectic and passionate group, bound together by a powerful vision: to make child soldiering a thing of the past through innovative justice in hard places.  




Marcus Young: Founder.  

Marcus's family has 125 years of history in SE Asia.  He grew up in the Philippines, worked with the largest drug cartel in SE Asia and pioneered the first child soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar in the 90's. He was also reluctantly mentored by a famous CIA operative. 


Jared Navarre. 

Jared Navarre: Chief Operations Officer.

A vision-driven leader, Jared was immediately drawn to PROJECT AK-47's boldness and perseverence in some of the world's toughest regions. He now oversees our US team and the operations that support and mobilize our global movement.


Kat Mathena: Marketing and Design.

Kat was raised with a love of world traveling, culture and art, which now greatly influence her creativity and passion for people. As a design and marketing maven, she has worked extensively with various nonprofits, helping cultivate their brands and share them with the world.  

Kristen Knowles: Program Administrator.

Kristen has worked with numerous organizations primarily focused on child trafficking. She has worked in eastern Europe and South Africa with children at risk and provided training on the prevention of human trafficking. She is passionate about being a voice for the voiceless and teaching others how to be an advocate. 



Sammy: Upper Mekong Region Director.

Sammy was a mercenary drug trafficker for over 300 men in his 20's but now manages 5 homes for children in his 60's.  Much of his core work is in the heart of conflict or restricted access zones building trust with rebel commanders. 



Stephen: Mexico Director. 

Stephen lives deep in Mexican Cartel controlled turf.  He has won their respect and runs a winning semi-pro soccer team.  He is a phenomenal mentor of youths coming out of dark and hopeless circumstances.  


Junter and Soo

Junter and Suu: Upper Mekong Region Consultants. 

Junter and Suu are veterans in grass-roots initiatives that serve child soldiers, marginalized communities, and at-risk families. They work with us as regional consultants in child and foster care, community health, economic development, and in emergency and disaster response.


Doc Fritz

Doc Fritz: Mindanao, Philippines Director.  

Doc has spent years traveling in places that would make others hair stand on end. He is a strong advocate for both sides in the Muslim/Christian conflicts in Mindanao and is passionate about the human trafficking issues in the Indo-Malayan corridor.



HOWIE KLAUSNER, Writing and Film.

THIERRY FALISE, Photography.

MASARU GOTO, Photography.

AARON PEGG, Photography.