#SCHOOLSSAVE is a fundraising campaign to help PROJECT AK-47 build SCHOOLS and SAVE kids from being recruited as child soldiers in Southern Philippines.

PROJECT AK-47 has successfully built schools in the past. However, our job will not be finished until EVERY CHILD has a school to attend. 

Most of the insurgency in the Philippines takes place in areas where indigenous people groups live, and the majority of children who live in these tribal areas have no opportunity to gain an education because there are no schools for them to attend. Rebel groups like the New People’s Army (NPA) see this lack of education as an opportunity to indoctrinate and enlist the children as soldiers.

SCHOOLS are the best way to SAVE kids from coercion to join rebel armies.




Start by creating an account and a personalized fundraising page in less than 5 minutes! It's a powerful way to engage your community of friends and online followers to join you in supporting PROJECT AK-47. 

It also comes with fun perks!


FOR YOU: Signed postcard from a child at the new school. 
 FOR THE KIDS: School supplies for 10 kids.

RAISE $150

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Story Bracelet. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Books for 10 kids.

RAISE $250

FOR YOU: Set of Dog Tags. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Chalkboards for 1 classroom.

RAISE $500

FOR YOU: New PROJECT AK-47 t-shirt. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Housing for 1 teacher.

RAISE $1,000

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Hammered Brass Ring. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Desks for 1 classroom. 

RAISE $1,500

FOR YOU: Your name engraved on a plaque to be hung in the school. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Floors or walls for 1 school.

RAISE $2,000

FOR YOU: PAK-47 Brass Bracelet and your name engraved on a plaque. 
 FOR THE KIDS: Roof for 1 school.

RAISE $2,500

FOR YOU: Limited edition Schools Save t-shirt and your name engraved on a plaque. 
 FOR THE KIDS: 1 year’s salary for a teacher.




1. Create your fundraising page and choose your fundraising goal.  

2. Email, tweet and share your fundraising page with friends and family using hashtag #SCHOOLSSAVE to help you reach your goal. 

3. At the end of the campaign, if you've reached your fundraising goal you'll receive an email to claim your perk. 

* We can only ship your perk if and when you claim it. 

4. If you exceed your fundraising goal you may be eligible for a higher level perk.  

* All perks must be claimed by March 1, 2014.  
5. You must reach your fundraising goal in order to be eligible for the corresponding perk. 


Occasionally we wil offer perks for one-time donors. Fundraisers are also eligible for one-time perks.   


Have questions? Contact us at info@projectak47.com.