10 Former Child Soldiers Now Train to Be Nurses!


(partially covered faces for security reasons)

As we actively engage in the war zones of Southeast Asia and Mexico, our work to rescue and rehabilitate as many kids as possible is part of a grander scheme.  Project: AK-47's greater purpose is to see war-torn societies' abasing mentality towards children transformed.  Though it may sound like an idealistic pipe dream, we are encouraged to see just how tangible it is.

Our dream is to empower our kids - the ones previously designated for a life of violence - to become the future leaders of their societies. Part of this vision includes training them in a professional trade during their time with us and connecting them with an outlet when they transition on.

The girls above are 7 of the 10 girls we've recently enrolled in nursing school in Southeast Asia.  We are thrilled to see them excelling in their dreams and becoming a productive part of their society!  With their experiences and the healing they have received, we know they are going to be powerful influencers among their people.