Leading up to Soulheartist subscriptions opening April 15th…

There are always plenty of good opportunities we pass up just because there’s always a reason to put it off. I want to encourage you to not skim over this one. In the bigger picture, my project is just a tip of a growing iceberg on how, becoming a Soulheartist subscriber can make a difference in this world, for good.

April 15th – please mark it in your diaries – jump online to and read up before than, so that come the 15th, you can return to the site, submit your subscription as a premeditated decision, and together do something extraordinary. Will you join with me?

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Join the Soulheartist Movement With Deb Fung and PROJECT AK-47!

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Deb Fung has chosen to partner with us for her Soulheartist project! This means she will be actively raising awareness and funds to support our life saving work in the Philippines. In her touching and honest video, Deb tells us why she chose to parter with PROJECT AK-47 and how being a mom has grown her heart for our mission. 

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