Wear Their Reality Campaign Launches

Wear Their Reality Child Soldiers Dog Tags

Imagine yourself at 11 years old. The local resistance army owns you now because you're an orphan. On your first day, the older soldiers welcomed you by gang raping you, stripping you of your identity and innocence. No one is coming to save you...they don't even know you exist. The army denies that it has any children in its ranks, and maybe they're right...you're certainly not a child anymore.

Tragically, this is a common reality for over 100,000 child soldiers in Southeast Asia alone. They are nameless, faceless soldiers that most of the world will never hear about, much less care about. But what if 100,000 people were to give them back their names and tell their stories to the world? It just might start a revolution.

That is exactly what we are doing through the "Wear Their Reality" campaign. By purchasing dog tags that represent one of these actual child soldiers, not only are you supporting our rescue projects, but you are taking one specific child to remember, pray for, advocate and talk about to everyone who asks why you wear dog tags. Many times they will join you...

So, here's how you can take part:

1. If you haven't already, visit the Wear Their Reality page and get your child soldier's dog tags.

2. Share the page via your social networks (twitter, facebook, etc.). The short link is http://AK47tags.com

3. Upload photos and/or videos of you wearing your tags and tweet your story on our page.

4. Tell all your friends and everyone who asks you about your tags.

5. If you're really passionate, let us know and we'll give you further ideas like hosting your own dog tag event.

100,000 people wearing tags is an audacious goal, but so is rescuing these kids. Are you with us?

-Jeremy and the Project: AK-47 team

Wear Their Reality Child Soldiers Dog Tags copy
Wear Their Reality Child Soldiers Dog Tags copy