In celebration of 2012, we are  featuring 12 ways you can be a hero to child soldiers this year. Six this week, and six next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ throughout the week, as well. Happy 2012!


1. Financially Support a Rescued Child Soldier -

Join our monthly giving campaign. For only $7,  you can feed  a former child soldier for an entire month.  For $47/month you can feed, clothe, educate, shelter, and protect a child soldier. Give HERE.


2. Become a fan of Project: AK-47 on Facebook.

Becoming a fan helps to expand our social awareness network and connects you with other people who are making a difference. www.facebook.com/kidorkiller


3. Send a gift to a Rescued Child Soldier -

We have an entire webpage dedicated to giving former child soldiers what they need, such as blankets, rice, and helping them start businesses. Check it out HERE.



4. Google+ Add us to your circles on Google+.

    (Hint: Drag your cursor over the big red G+ button.)

Wherever you see the button below...push with all your heart!:



Look, there's one right now at the bottom of this blog…1, 2, 3, PUSH!





5. Wear a Dog Tag.

Each dog tag has the name of a child soldier, the country they are from, and their age.  I have one around my neck right now: Jhong, Male, 5-years-old, Philippines. Get yours today and wear it proudly:  www.ak47tags.com






6. If you have a mouth, use it!

There are hundreds of thousands of oppressed children around the world, and most of the time, all it takes is someone willing to speak up on their behalf. TELL THEIR STORIES! Grab a tissue and read about their lives:  HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!!


You can be a hero to someone in the world right now, with very little effort. That's 6 things to get you started on your path to heroism! Be sure to keep an eye out for next week's blog when we'll give you 6 more ways to be a hero.