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Last week we showed you 6 ways to engage with Project: AK-47 and become a hero to former child soldiers. You can see those HERE. We’re back this week with 6 more things you can do to join the rescue.


 7. Send Us Your Stories

Have you done something to help Project: AK-47? Did someone ask you about your Project: AK-47 Dog Tags and you told them all about us? Did you come up with a creative way to raise money  for Project: AK-47? We want to tell your story! Send those stories, big or small to me so I can feature you! Send stories to:


8. Follow us on Twitter        

You can follow us on Twitter HERE and get involved in the conversation.


9. Get creative!

We are all about you being you and telling your stories on behalf of child soldiers around the world. Whether you are a Master Cupcakery To End Slavery(if this doesn't exist, it needs to) or a group of 4 kids working hard to raise awareness in Manhattan(you know who you are), you are heroes.  If you are writing songs to spread the voice of social justice or making movies about those in dyer situations, you are heros. The ideas are endless, find your idea and make it happen!


10. Get involved with our Causes.

Check out our page to see what projects we are working on and how you can give  and promote to help them be accomplished.



11. Wear Child Story Bracelet -

This bracelet tells the TRUE story of one of our rescued child soldiers. It's cool and a great conversation starter. You can get your bracelet HERE.




12. Show & Tell our Youtube Videos

We have some amazing videos on Youtube. One of which was a notable short film in the Cannes Film Festival last year. Watch them and share them with your friends. They are a great way to introduce people to Project: AK-47 and help them get familiar with our initiatives. You can watch a couple of our videos below and find more HERE.