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Our Latest Visit to Mindanao

We climbed up a steep hill, past many makeshift houses, and surveyed the view. This village looked like many other villages I had visited over the years. But our guide, a key local advocate for Project AK-47, assured me there were plenty of soldiers (men, women and children) stationed just beyond the trees, watching us. We had just arrived at one of the many villages that house and station rebel soldiers in the hills of Mindanao, Philippines. We had been invited to meet with one of the most locally influential communist ideologists, Commander V. She amasses armies to fight the corrupt Philippine government and stand for the rights of the peasant farmers who have been trapped for many years in a corrupt system. 

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The Domino Movement's Feature Interview With Project: AK-47

We at Project: AK-47 are always excited to help and empower others to tell their stories, so when The Domino Movement asked us to be a part of their story, we jumped at the chance. Now that I have seen the footage of innocence lost, now that I have become aware of the atrocities against children, I have a responsibility to do something about it. No matter my circumstance, as long as I have a voice, 2 hands and 2 feet, I can be a catalyst for change.

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The 2011 Project: AK-47 Summer Tour

A vital component of our stateside child soldier advocacy is setting up advocacy and fundraising stations at events all over the country. Every summer we gather a team, rent a van and hit the road with intentions to rally a tribe of people who care about the present global emergency of child soldiering. If we're coming anywhere near you, JOIN US!

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