The 2011 Project: AK-47 Summer Tour

A vital component of our stateside child soldier advocacy is setting up advocacy and fundraising stations at events all over the country.  Every summer we gather a team, rent a van and hit the road with intentions to rally a tribe of people who care about the present global emergency of child soldiering. If we're coming anywhere near you, JOIN US!



Derek: Based out of Franklin, Tennessee, Derek is the newest staff partner of PAK47 and the summer tour leader. With a background in non-profit management and team fundraising, as well as being one of the more enthusiastic humans on earth, he is a vital component to our current tribe.

Jonathon: From Indiana, Jonathon is our beloved summer intern. Studying Public Relations and Conflict Resolution, he is also assiting the organization with growth and development.

Abby: Her home is Indiana and her passion is human rights. Abbie is a pleasant suprise volunteer and has won over all of our hearts.

Tom: Based out of Nashville as a drummer for the band Throwing Gravity, Tom is our token rock star team member. And though music and business are his dream, his passion for justice is contagious.

Brandon: As a singer/songwriter out of Mississippi, Brandon joins our team this summer for the first time. After one encounter with him, you'll find he cares about the issue of child soldiering deeply.

Jeremy: A staffer for 3.5 years here in Franklin, TN, Jeremy has helped build Project: AK-47 from the ground up. He joins the summer team for a couple events with his lovely new fiancée Suzie.

Suzie: Marrying into the PAK47 community, Suzie is our favorite Brit and has been recruited in for the tour. Her past in non-profit grass roots management in the UK is a history well received by the organization.


June 15-18: Ichthus Festival. Wilmore, Kentucky, USA.

June 23-25: The Big Ticket Festival. Ionia, Michigan, USA.

June 29- July 2: Creation Northeast Festival. Mount Union, Pennsylvania, USA.

July 20-23: Creation Northwest. Enumclaw, Washington, USA.

July 30: Heavenfest Festival. Loveland, Colorado, USA.

August 4-6: Spirit West Coast. Monterey, California, USA.

August 5-6: Project Light. Pasedena, CA, USA.

August 12-13: Purple Door Festival. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA.