The Child Soldier Story Bracelet


In terms of child advocacy, Project: AK-47 has one agenda: to empower storytellers.

Every child soldier in the world has a story. Each one of these stories demands that we stop viewing child soldiering as just another compassion issue and begin to treat it like the emergency that it is.

Our child soldier dog tags have been and continue to be an incredible tool to rally advocates and raise funds for the rescue. But, we're thrilled to launch the second WEAR THEIR STORY item and our latest storytelling piece, the Child Soldier Story Bracelet.  This bracelet depicts the 12 common stages in a child soldier's life, told through the experience of Ignacio, a rescued child soldier.

By wearing this story, you are becoming an active voice on behalf of over 300,000 child soldiers around the world...100,000 of which are in our project locations alone.  Join Us.