Feature Advocates: Tom Dupree & Jesse Triplett


Tom Dupree, III ("the 3rd," as he takes much pride in) & Jesse Triplett connected with Project: AK-47 last year with the intention of using their band - Throwing Gravity's - platform to advocate children at risk.  Since that time, they've been a magnetic part of our community.

Tom and Jesse just returned from an advocacy trip to Seattle, Washington.  While there, they represented Project: AK-47 at a summer music festival - Creation NW - selling dog tags, recruiting donors and rallying those who care about the plight of child soldiers worldwide. In three days, they raised over $8,000 for the cause, recruited 15 new monthly partners and shared the issue of child soldiering with a crowd of 25,000.

We want to honor and sincerely thank Tom & Jesse for taking time from their lives to speak on behalf of the 300,000 children who have a story, but no voice.

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